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Feb 28 / Josh

How to stop the nVidia CUDA pop up on login

When you boot up your system, do you see this?

nVidia CUDA update popup

I found it really annoying, so I made a quick AppleScript to kill the window when you start up. Add the app to your login items in your User & Groups System Preferences.

User Window


Sep 2 / Josh

De-Log effect for Media Composer

Currently, there isn’t a way to load LUTs into Media Composer. If you are working on a project that was shot “Log” many people will complain about how milky it looks. I created a color effect to de-log the image. It’s not 100% technically correct, but it should suffice for offline use. The effect can be placed over your entire timeline at a top video track as demonstrated below. Be sure to only apply this effect to LOG clips and not to your titles or graphics.


May 12 / Josh

Remapping the “F” keys on the Tangent Wave for DaVinci Resolve

Remaping “F” keys on the Tangent Wave for DaVinci Resolve from Josh Petok on Vimeo.

May 2 / Josh

Customized Avid “Quick Transitions”

Many of you may be familiar with Avid’s “Quick Transition” command, but did you know you can add in your own? The Quick Transition key is mappable from the command palette. It usually resides on the “\” key:







Make a bin in your project and EXACTLY title it “Quick Transitions” The bin can reside in a folder. However, it needs to be somewhere in the project that you’re working in.








Put your own custom transitions in your bin and title them as you would like them to appear. They can be Animatte, 3D Warps, or even Boris FX. Whatever can be applied as a transition in Avid will work.








When you add a transition, you’ll notice a list of your transitions at the bottom.


Apr 7 / Josh

Convert your movies to a barcode with this app

Through various social media, I recently heard about the moviebarcode project. It’s amazing to see the color palette of a whole movie encapsulated in one image. Several people mentioned they wanted to make one themselves. The source code is available, but it’s far from a “one click” solution.

I’ve put together something similar with Applescript. It requires QuickTime 7 Pro as well as Snow Leopard (for now). Simply run the app and select a movie file. Specify a save location and the app will do the rest. Please leave feedback on what you’d like to see in future versions. The application is editable if you would like to take a look. Feel free to open it up with the Applescript Editor. I’ll still do my best to beat Applescript into submission.



– Fixed the  “file already exists” bug


– The app now exports as a jpeg instead of being displayed in Safari
– A blur effect was added to work similarly to the other Tumblr movie barcodes

Mar 27 / Josh

The “Lift Guy” is Back!

The “Lift” guy returns to the Avid timeline.

Here’s the sequence if you want to see it for yourself.


Mar 22 / Josh

Media Composer 5 – Advanced Blurring Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will show how to speed up your blurring process for clearance and standards issues. I’ve detailed some of the hidden keys that will help make the process a little less painful.

Oct 4 / Josh

Render Notification App 1.0.2

Here’s an update for the Render Notification App. Fixing more bugs…

RenderNotification App 1.0.2

Jun 10 / Josh

Unity bin locking tips

You can option click on a bin to open it in a “locked” state. That way, someone else can work on the bin if you only need to view it.

You can also permanently lock a bin. Control+Shift click on a bin (or right click on Windows) in the project window and select “Lock Project Bin”










You’ll notice that there’s an asterisk next to your edit bay’s name (in my case, z18)





This bin will be permanently locked by your edit bay (until some deletes the .lck file)

May 28 / Josh

Colada: Symphony Style Grade Merging in Apple Color

Several people read my last post on pre color correcting interviews for documentary style shows. I thought it would be helpful to be able to do this in Apple Color. I wrote “Colada”, an AppleScript that merges one color project with another.

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