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Feb 10 / Josh

Render Notification Apps

One of my pastimes has been watching Avid render bars. But, it got boring pretty quickly. So, I’ve put together a little utility that will email or text you when your render is done.

This was accomplished using Applescript, so it won’t work on the Windows side. Start up the app after your Avid selected app has started rendering.

I had several requests to make this app “Agnostic.” So, I’ve done some modifications. The app will now ask you which app you want to monitor (Avid, Final Cut Pro, Color, or Compressor). There’s also an option to send the email with, since there was some problems with sending emails through OSX.

You can download it here and enjoy your coffee :)


Here’s the old apps for nostalgia’s sake:



Here’s the code if you’re interested in how I put it together:

do shell script "curl"
on error
display dialog "This app requires a working connection to the internet." buttons {"QUIT"}
end try
set messTo to text returned of (display dialog "To:" default answer "" buttons {"NEXT"} default button 1)
set messFrom to text returned of (display dialog "From:" default answer "Your Avid" buttons {"NEXT"} default button 1)
set messSub to text returned of (display dialog "Subject:" default answer "Your Render" buttons {"NEXT"} default button 1)
set messBody to text returned of (display dialog "Message:" default answer "Your Render is Done" buttons {"GRAB SOME COFFEE"} default button 1)

set appPercent to 100
repeat while appPercent > 20
set appPercent to do shell script "ps -xco %cpu,command | grep Avid"
set appPercent to the first word of appPercent as number
delay 5
end repeat
do shell script "echo " & (quoted form of "" & messBody as text) & " | mail -s " & (quoted form of messSub) & " " & messTo & " -f " & messFrom
display dialog "YOUR RENDER IS DONE!" buttons {"QUIT"} default button 1


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  1. Paul Zinn / Jun 13 2010

    I am looking intently for software that will do the same thing for Sony Vegas, on a PC. can anyone help?

  2. coloreditor1 / Sep 17 2010

    I am having a little trouble. I ran the app, and when color finished rendering I got an error from the Render Notification app. Something about an apple script error. I have setup mail with my email info.. and I have sent email from it before. What could I be missing? It looks like it launched mail and composed some of the email, but never sent it. When should I launch the render notification app? Before or after I start rendering (or does it matter?).


  3. Josh / Sep 17 2010

    After you have started your render, run the notification app. What version of OSX are you running? Does it error out after your render is done?

  4. coloreditor1 / Sep 18 2010

    I am on OSX 10.5.8. It does error out after the render is done.

  5. David / Oct 6 2010

    Can you publish the updated source that listens to different nle’s?


  6. Anthony Burokas / Oct 6 2010

    How about making the Mac just go “DING!”
    I’m often working on my “office” machine right next to teh video machine and have often completely forgotten I set FCP to render something small, and switched machines to not waste time. A simple (or really big and long) “DING” (or select an MP3 file to play (gosh how I miss System 7 sounds and their simplicity)) to let me know the render is done… like iTunes.

  7. admin / Oct 6 2010

    Open the app in the AppleScript Editor. You will be able to see the source.

  8. Kevin Monahan / Oct 10 2010

    Does it work with Premiere Pro too?

  9. Josh / Oct 10 2010

    It could, but I don’t have a Premiere Pro system to test with.

  10. Ashley / Oct 14 2010

    Genius, simply genius!
    Thanks so much, awesome idea

  11. Chris / Oct 19 2010

    we seem to be having a problem with the notifier monitoring compressor. emails get sent out regardless of the render status.

    also, is red cine x still supported?

  12. Josh / Oct 19 2010

    Thanks for using the app. I think I have a fix. What version of OSX are you running? How long was your render running for?

    Redcine X is still supported. Were you having problems with that as well?

  13. rick / Nov 6 2010

    Can’t seem to get it to work with Compressor. It immediately sends a text even though the Compressor batch still has hours to go. Works great with Final Cut renders, though, and I really appreciate it. Thanks! I am on OS 10.6.4

  14. admin / Nov 6 2010

    I’m working on a fix. Do you have multiple items being processed in compressor?

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