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Feb 25 / Josh

“I Have Notes…”

Yes, our 3 favorite words that come out of a producer or client’s mouth. I’ve cooked up another little app to make addressing notes a little easier.Once all of my work is done for a show is done, there is a supervised output to tape. As the tape is happily rolling along, the producer/client is either unintelligibly scribbling away on a notepad or randomly yelling “Did you see that?” After a while, it’s difficult to decipher what the problem was or when it happened.

With this app, you can simply hit the enter key on your keyboard to set a point in time for a note. Once your output is done, the app will prompt you to choose a locator color, track and then save a text file. The text file can be imported back into Avid as locators. As for doing those notes? That’s your problem 😉

ihavenotes app

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  1. niels ostenfeld / Feb 19 2011


    Thank you Josh, thats a really great way of keeping track of idiot producers and moron directors random and confusing comments. This will definitely be useful and a part of my screening process.

    Niels Ostenfeld, Film Editor

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