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Oct 4 / Josh

Render Notification App 1.0.2

Here’s an update for the Render Notification App. Fixing more bugs…

RenderNotification App 1.0.2


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  1. William Aleman / Oct 6 2010

    Thanks for the app. Getting ready to try it with FCP 7 and Compressor.

  2. Elvin / Oct 7 2010

    This is genius…sell it to Apple, Adobe and anyone else who’ll listen!

  3. Deyson / Nov 11 2010

    Very nice, thank you.

    Will be possible to add other notification options like make a sound?

  4. Average_Minnesotan / Oct 26 2011

    This is great. Thank you. Couple of suggestions: 1) be nice if the program remembered my info so I didn’t have to re-enter it each time, 2) can the program be used to notify me when exports are complete? Now, I’d pay for a utility that did all that. Thanks again for making ths available.

  5. Josh / Oct 26 2011

    Thanks for the feedback. Those features would make a lot of sense.

    As far as an export goes, the app should work as long as there’s a constant draw on the CPUs. You can check the activity monitor to see if that’s the case. Alternatively, you can try to use the app as your export is processing. It might just work :)

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