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Apr 7 / Josh

Convert your movies to a barcode with this app

Through various social media, I recently heard about the moviebarcode project. It’s amazing to see the color palette of a whole movie encapsulated in one image. Several people mentioned they wanted to make one themselves. The source code is available, but it’s far from a “one click” solution.

I’ve put together something similar with Applescript. It requires QuickTime 7 Pro as well as Snow Leopard (for now). Simply run the app and select a movie file. Specify a save location and the app will do the rest. Please leave feedback on what you’d like to see in future versions. The application is editable if you would like to take a look. Feel free to open it up with the Applescript Editor. I’ll still do my best to beat Applescript into submission.



– Fixed the  “file already exists” bug


– The app now exports as a jpeg instead of being displayed in Safari
– A blur effect was added to work similarly to the other Tumblr movie barcodes


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  1. Andrew McKee / May 3 2011

    Every time I try to use this I get a message saying “The operation can’t be completed because there is already an item with that name”.

  2. charles boileau / Oct 31 2011

    Works great… But it would be great to have a sort of preference in the number of samples and lenght of the image… I tried it on a music video and it comes out very small!

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