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May 2 / Josh

Customized Avid “Quick Transitions”

Many of you may be familiar with Avid’s “Quick Transition” command, but did you know you can add in your own? The Quick Transition key is mappable from the command palette. It usually¬†resides on the “\” key:







Make a bin in your project and EXACTLY title it “Quick Transitions” The bin can reside in a folder. However, it needs to be somewhere in the project that you’re working in.








Put your own custom transitions in your bin and title them as you would like them to appear. They can be Animatte, 3D Warps, or even Boris FX. Whatever can be applied as a transition in Avid will work.








When you add a transition, you’ll notice a list of your transitions at the bottom.



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  1. Ben / Jan 10 2012

    Holy crap!!! Awesome tip! This site officially going to my Safari toolbar. I set parental controls at the beginning of Tester working here at home in order to discipline myself from going to time killers like Facebook and Reddit. I will allow this site for the occasional daily break! This is a great trick!

  2. Gerry / Jan 10 2012

    Dude, that is such an awesome trick! I never knew that. So cool, I’m going to make it happen right now.. especially for Animatte and my favorite Star Wipe. haha Thanks Josh!

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