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May 13 / Josh

Pre Color Correcting Interviews in Avid Symphony

The television shows that I typically work on contain numerous cast member, sit-down interviews. There can be several tapes with 20+ cast members. As you work on these shows, patterns start to repeat themselves. You begin to see a lot of the same interview tapes being used over and over.

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Mar 20 / Josh

Render Notification App 1.01


New in this version:
– Support for REDCINE-X
– Email bug fixes

Feb 25 / Josh

“I Have Notes…”

Yes, our 3 favorite words that come out of a producer or client’s mouth. I’ve cooked up another little app to make addressing notes a little easier. read more…

Feb 10 / Josh

Render Notification Apps

One of my pastimes has been watching Avid render bars. But, it got boring pretty quickly. So, I’ve put together a little utility that will email or text you when your render is done.

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